Client stories

Retirement case study: Do I have enough?

John was 57 and enjoyed a successful, prominent career, having worked in retail for over 30 years with a FTSE 100 company. In recent years, his appetite for the job changed and he was starting to wonder if it was time to retire and enjoy the next stage of life.

After a major restructure and change of direction within his company, John was trying to understand if he could really retire and maintain the important things in his life. He was unsure of his next steps and introduced to Imagine by a close friend.

John was in a positive position, with a substantial pension fund and no major debt. He wanted to know if he had enough money for the rest of his life.

We spent time with John and his wife, Tess, to make sure we understood what was important to them. Our transparent process included a thorough analysis of their current financial positon and we identifed strengths and weaknesses.

John and Tess embraced the analysis from the lifetime cashflow and the strategy for their Financial Plan. We tested scenarios to instantly demonstrate the impact of key decisions on future life events.

We assessed various investment solutions for their needs, discusing their views on risk and return. We presented a personal plan of action for living a better financial life. Together, we implented the plan, ensuring John was informed and in control at all times.

John says

"When my wife and I discussed the possibility of retirement, it was really important to me that I had confidence in maintaining my current lifestyle, which I had worked hard towards all my adult life.

I considered Imagine initially following an introduction by a friend, who reassured me that I could trust them, based on their own experience as a client. This gave me initial peace of mind and this was quickly confirmed once I had meetings as a potential client myself.

Trust developed quickly; the personalised approach helped me move forward with confidence.

Once I understood the financial planning process I had peace of mind for my future.

Initial meetings were very detailed and thorough and a personalised strategy developed.

I needed some further guidance to understand how my Financial Plan would work. The accessibilty of my Financial Planner made this happen for me; always available for a phone call or another meeting to give clarity and confidence as we moved through the process at a comfortable pace.

I am now enjoying retirement, safe in the knowledge that my financial future is secure, fully confident that my decision to retire was taken with full due diligence. I can now live life to the full, without the pressures of work, and I have now recommended Imagine to a number of my former colleagues".

As with our other case studies, this is based on real client scenarios, but with slight alterations to protect the identity and privacy of the individuals.